Yokohama Mark Is Takeo Kikuchi
(166 cm)

It is a stand-up collar blouson using down fabric. It’svery soft and lighter than it looks, so you can wear it comfortably! Since the hood is stored in the collar, you can put it in and out according to the scene and your
preference ♪ I tried to make a unified coordination with similar colours!

Yokkaichi Kintetsu Takeo Kikuchi
(167 cm)

Coloured jackets are fashionable, aren’t they? The camel that gives you a higher-grade coordination goes well with inners of any colour. ◎ It’s a stylish setup, but the material is corduroy in addition to the down fabric, so it’s casual, and it looks functional and comfortable. There is plenty of space around the shoulders, so you can easily wear voluminous knitwear! The overall size is a little loose, so you can feel relaxed even if you choose the usual size. ◎ We also
recommend setting up different colors for the jacket and pants ^ ^

Yokkaichi Kintetsu Takeo Kikuchi
(175 cm)
Anyway, the color impact of mint green is good! In addition, the
WHOLEGARMENT and Lagrang specifications will upgrade your
outfit! It’s smooth to the touch and doesn’t have an unpleasant
tingling sensation, so it’s easy for people with a bad knit to try it! The
bottoms are beige for a lighter overall feel. The large tote bag has a
size that fits in plenty, and is recommended for those who want to put
things in a bag ◎

Takeshi Kimura
Nishinomiya Hankyu Takeo Kikuchi
(171 cm)

The fabric made of down has excellent heat retention and is a stretch material, so it is a great success on and off without stress.

@ riku.is
Kintetsu Department Store Yokkaichi Store Takeo Kikuchi

I’m in a military and workable mood, and I’ve come to a blouson! I don’t want to use an umbrella
so much, so an outerwear with excellent water repellency is useful! When it rains, I close the zip
tightly and wear it, it’s pretty smart to just do this ◎ Ron T is just the right feeling for the inner!

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

The rugged suede x stand collar can be charmed both elegantly and casually by the blocking
design ♪ Elastic stretch and smooth comfort are also nice points ◎ With resin wire I want to enjoy
various ways of wearing the neckline that can be arranged ♪

Matsuzakaya Nagoya store Takeo Kikuchi
(163 cm)
The lightness of the Bukley jersey shirt ⭐ The moderate elasticity and softness make it easy to
use when it’s chilly. The simple design with military elements is perfect for a variety of ways to
wear it! It’s a spacious size, so it’s safe to put a thick inner such as a hoodie inside.


Hankyu Kobe store Takeo Kikuchi

It’s finally October, and the mornings and nights are getting cold and chilly, and I’m feeling
autumn. Tops that are just right for those who want to wear thin long sleeves in preparation for
autumn, ” but don’t need to wear them, want to wear them in one piece” have arrived!

Shibuya Meiji Dori Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

Straight denim recommended for those who already have wide or tapered silhouettes and those
who are not good at it! Beautiful pants with a hem that falls off will complement your outfit! As it
gets colder, the top becomes heavier, so if you refresh your feet ◎

Nihonbashi Takashimaya Takeo Kikuchi

Recommended coordination for the transition between summer and autumn. I match the slacks
with a short-sleeved white T-shirt and a checkered shirt with a haori coat that makes you feel
autumn. Pants and T-shirts that come into direct contact with the skin are made of smooth
materials without stress, and the shirts have just the right amount of brushed feeling!

Marui Family Mizonokuchi Takeo Kikuchi

[Autumn holiday style] Moderate elasticity and outstanding elasticity. There is also a sense of
crispness, and it is comfortable to pass through the sleeves. Originally, denim jackets are
cramped or hot, but with the texture of this denim-like jersey, it seems that you can wear it
without worrying about it except in the middle of summer ⭐

Hankyu Kobe store Takeo Kikuchi

 This is an introduction to the recommended shirts that we usually wear. Using a bouclé jersey, the
MA-1 and shirt are crossed to create a loose-fitting shirt that can be worn very roughly and is
elastic and comfortable to wear.

Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Store Takeo Kikuchi

When you hear the theme of this time as “jersey material” jersey, you have a sporty and casual
image! Stretching works exactly as it is, and it is easy to move because it expands and

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

Pullover using the best bouclé material this season! A large waist pocket that is simple yet
playful has a design ♪ It tends to be monotonous in the fall and winter, but just by adding
accented items, it looks different from usual and is recommended

Nihonbashi Takashimaya Takeo Kikuchi

I match it with a bodder long T-shirt in autumn color with thick pants. By putting tops in your
pants, you can get a leg length effect, so we recommend tuck-in style ♪

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Kintetsu Department Store Yokkaichi Store Takeo Kikuchi
I still feel like wearing a shirt loosely, so make it a generous size. I usually wear wide pants, but
the balance of flare is fresh and acupuncture points . The full-pattern bag has a retro
atmosphere and is also good!