Osaka Takashimaya
Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

I matched ‘Black Down Fabric Jacket’, ’Black Down Fabric Pants’ and a ‘ Combination black leather shoes’ to get this business casual look.
Very comfortable but still look put together!

Seibu Ikebukuro
Main Store Takeo Kikuchi
(175 cm)

Even though it is an all-sweat fabric, it is a versatile outfit that can be used from business casual to off-style on holidays due to its beautiful design!
A refreshing style is completed even though it is easy!

Yurakucho Marui
Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

Looking warm this winter with a ‘Coduroy Pullcover’. It’s a loose size, so you can layer it with a turtleneck or shirt.
The large chest pocket is cute, and the side pockets are also nice.

Hankyu Umeda
Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

Thin, light and warm, a beautiful casual style with a down fabric setup and a hoodie. Monotone coordination with sneakers of similar colors at your feet.
We recommend a clutch bag that is not too casual.

Odakyu Department
Shinjuku Store Takeo Kikuchi

I matched the soft and fluffy shirt with a knit of the same color! so it’s outstanding and warm really comfortable to wear ♪

Hankyu Umeda
Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

rai (183cm)
Excellent comfortable style and look cool with an innovation mask .

Seibu Ikebukuro
Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

kazama (179cm)
It’s difficult to dress Warm right? It is a simple outfit that incorporates casual elements and dress elements well! A long-sleeved polo shirt that can be warm for winter This look is represent an adult man!

Meitetsu Department
Store (Men’s Building) Takeo Kikuchi

M.jr (167cm)
Takeo Kikuchi’s classic 3way down blouson! The grosgrain material on the surface has an elegant luster and goes well with beautiful items!

Kintetsu Department
Store Nara Store Takeo Kikuchi

It is a cardigan with a soft and light texture that makes you forget that you are wearing!

Hankyu Department Store Men’s Building Takeo Kikuchi
 ( 173cm )
Basic size M 62kg (B: 91 W: 80H: 96)
Because it is plain and has a fine woven pattern, it is a suit that can be widely used from business scenes to bridal!

Store Takeo Kikuchi

Wearing size 03 (L)
Blouson styling recommended for holidays when you want to do a lot of actively. Not only can you remove the hood, but you can also wear this blouson as a single item.

Matsuzakaya Nagoya
store Takeo Kikuchi

I am wearing 78kg, jacket and pants 04 (LL) size, and inner 03 (L) size.
Actually, it looks really match between the outer material and the sweater inside! !!

Hankyu Department
Store Men’s Building Takeo kikuchi

yuki (180cm)
Basic size L (B80 / W71 / 55kg)
Set up suit checks style is really trendy and fashionable

Nagoya Parco
Takeo kikuchi

@h_high_hara ( 174cm )
For those who are tired of basic colors,
we recommend fade colors in anticipation of next season!

Nagoya Parco
Takeo kikuchi

@ riku.is (175cm)
A relaxing outfit that will look great both outside and at home.

Seibu Fukui store
Takeo kikuchi

piroya (182cm)
Set up suit checks style is really trendy and fashionable