Bodum BoxSet with JAVA French Press 12 oz (Red) & BISTRO Electric Coffee Grinder

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About the JAVA French Press Coffee Maker

Beloved by coffee connoisseurs around the world, Bodum’s iconic French press brewing system offers simplicity of brewing and purity of taste. Our JAVA French press coffee maker has an iconic, retro-style design with all the modern qualities necessary to produce a rich, flavorful brew.

Simple, stylish and swift, the JAVA transforms coarsely ground beans and hot water into the most reinvigorating of drinks within minutes. Its borosilicate glass carafe won’t alter or impair the flavor of your favorite coffee, while its durable plastic frame looks fantastic and characterizes the Bodum motto that ‘good design doesn’t have to be expensive’.

An environmentally friendly method of brewing, the JAVA is the best French press coffee maker for ultimate simplicity and maximum taste.

About the BISTRO Electric Coffee Grinder

Coffee lovers may differ over their preferred method of brewing, but they all agree on one thing: the best tasting coffee comes from freshly ground beans. For a robust, aromatic cup of joe that’s bursting with flavor, make the BISTRO blade grinder part of your at-home coffee routine.

With its neat, compact design and sleek aesthetic, this electric coffee grinder looks great in your kitchen and is simple and user-friendly to operate. The blade grinder features a stainless steel cutting blade that spins at a precise RPM, taking your coffee beans from coarse to fine at the touch of a button.

Operated with a simple pulse control and transparent lid, it’s easy to achieve the desired coarseness of your beans, making this the best electric coffee grinder for ease and simplicity. Our blade grinder complements other products in the eBodum BISTRO range.

JAVA : D 7 x W 13.1 x H 18.9 cm
BISTRO : D 8.7 x W 9.5 x H 16.8 cm

Java :
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0.59 kg.

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JAVA French Press Coffee Maker
Main Features & Benefits

•Iconic French press coffee maker that brings out the full flavor and aroma of your brew.
•The carafe is made of non-stain, heat-resistant borosilicate glass that won’t alter or impair the coffee’s natural flavor.
•The glass is framed with durable and lightweight plastic that protects the glass and is comfortable to use.
•Stainless steel plunger prevents ground beans escaping when the coffee is poured.
•More environmentally friendly than many coffee-brewing methods – no paper filters or plastic capsules required.
•Easy to use and easy to clean.

Use & Care
The French press system is the simplest way to brew rich, flavorful coffee.

1.Place the JAVA on a flat surface, hold the handle firmly, and pull the plunger up and out of the carafe.
2.Add one rounded teaspoon or one Bodum scoop of coarsely ground coffee for each cup/4oz water.
3.Pour hot water into the carafe (about 92-96ºC) leaving a minimum of 2.5cm/1inch at the top, and stir with a plastic or wooden spoon.
4.Place the plunger unit on top of the pot and turn the lid so the pour spout is closed to retain the heat.
5.Leave four minutes to brew, then slowly lower the plunger. Turn the lid to open the pour spout and pour your delicious cup of joe.
6.Wash in warm, soapy water before first use and dry thoroughly. All parts are dishwasher safe.
*All of our coffee and tea makers are measured in European cup sizes: 1 Cup = about 4oz.

BISTRO Electric Coffee Grinder
Main Features

•Neat, compact blade grinder that holds 60g coffee beans
•Uses a durable, stainless steel blade that spins at a precise RPM
•Simple push button control for pulse or continuous grind
•Transparent lid making it easy to achieve the desired coarseness of your beans
•Convenient cord storage in the base
•Made of stainless steel, plastic and rubber

Use & Care
Always disconnect the blade grinder and clean after each use. Never immerse the electric coffee grinder in water; simply clean the metal container with a soft brush and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

How It Works
The BISTRO blade coffee grinder delivers outstanding results from a simple process.

1.Place up to 60g coffee beans into the grinder and secure the lid.
2.Press the power button until your grounds have reached the desired consistency – you can use a pulse action or a continuous grind up to 60 seconds.
3.Pour the grounds into your preferred coffee maker and brew a delicious cup of coffee.