Shinjuku Takashimaya Takeo Kikuchi

Easy slacks with a loose silhouette! Although it is made of 100% wool, it is light and comfortable to wear. It’s nice to match it beautifully, but it’s also perfect for casual coordination of T-shirts and sneakers ♪

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

Simple yet elegant looking. The moderate flesh and smooth comfort make you want to wear it many times ♪ Large items tend to look unfashionable, but the ribs on the hem do not bulge too much! A design that is neatly organized and easy for adults to pick up

Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store Takeo Kikuchi

With a strong pocket design, it’s a fashionable piece even without a haori coat! Taking advantage
of the relaxed silhouette, styling with easy pants made of punch material. Both are excellent in stretchability and comfortable to wear, so it is also recommended for different styling ♪

Hankyu Kobe store Takeo Kikuchi
Introducing the band collar shirt! Since the fabric is made of soccer, it is a shirt that you can wear smoothly without stickiness even if you sweat. You can wear it as a jacket, or even one piece will be an accent to your outfit! It’s a refreshing color, so it’s easy to match with any pants!

Namba Marui Takeo Kikuchi

Pants with colors such as gray and navy blue are familiar to shirts with refreshing colors! If the back etc. are unified to black, the colors will look together! [Bag] It has a glossy feel and gives an
adult atmosphere, and can also be used for business! Useful when adding color to your outfit!

LaLaport TOKYO-BAY Takeo Kikuchi

I mainly coordinated a navy shirt with beautiful linen. I was conscious of matching only white and navy. I think that the contrast of white pants becomes stronger and the navy color looks beautiful. I think it’s cool to wear a large shirt.

Hankyu Kobe store Takeo Kikuchi

If you look closely, the shirt has a design. It’s not a wide dot pattern, so if you don’t have the impression that it’s too sweet, you can make it random to make it more fashionable. It is good to close the front and wear one piece, it is good to open the front and change the impression by
using the inner, and the design itself is not strange, so it is an item that is easy to mix and match.

@ riku.is
Kintetsu Department Store Yokkaichi Store Takeo Kikuchi
On holidays, tops that are easy and easy to wear may be good. In such a case, we recommend this border knit. It is a relaxing first impression, but it is an excellent item that gives a good
impression and a sense of cleanliness.

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Nagoya Parco Takeo kikuchi

The white base is easy to incorporate into the overall pattern of “Coffee and Indigo” ! At first glance, it looks like a dot in the photo, but when you look closely, the bowler hat is the same as
the coffee cups, and this casualness is just the playfulness of an adult! The white shirt gives a clean impression by snapping the front. It’s cute even as an inner ◎

Seibu Fukui store Takeo Kikuchi

This is a man’s setup! Many people choose gray or navy, but the sensibility to choose khaki … I’m sure it’s the type that can handle work creatively ♪

Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

Let’s show our legs in the hot summer! The drape silhouette that doesn’t look hot is irresistible! Furthermore, it’s stretchy that you can’t think of as hemp, and it’s nice to be able to wash it! Make
the inner cooler with a band-colored shirt ♪

Shibuya Meiji Dori Main Store Takeo Kikuchi
(176 cm)
On holidays, tops that are easy and easy to wear may be good. In such a case, we recommend this border knit. It is a relaxing first impression, but it is an excellent item that gives a good
impression and a sense of cleanliness.

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

M size that I usually wear tops A T-shirt with an eye-catching print with an asymmetrical layout of
flower photos suitable for the coming season. The smooth feel of cotton is good. In the summer,
even one piece is the leading role, and in the spring, you can see the print from the shirt or haori,
which changes the styling and is recommended!


Nagoya Parco Takeo Kikuchi

This year is also the season for jackets using the annual Cool Dots! It’s light on both rabbits and
horns! The shape is the jacket, but the comfort doesn’t make you feel it! Of course, breathability
and stretch that can be used even in midsummer! Beige should be chosen as it makes a
difference if the setup is done!

Takeo Kikuchi Main Store, Takeo Kikuchi
(176 cm)

Basic size L 63kg (B88 W78 H84) This beige is easy to wear with a casual texture even for myself who do not usually choose a bright color. It is perfect for those who try beige for the first time. The inner is also spring, and I want to match the light colors.

Osaka Takashimaya Takeo kikuchi
The trendy band collar shirt is a little different from the usual collar, so this one shirt will make you
look fashionable at once! It’s made with a little space so you can enjoy various styles!

Shinjuku Takashimaya Takeokikuchi

Double jacket style that has become popular recently! The slightly crispy material does not easily stick to your skin even if you sweat, and you can wear it with a silky feel! If you finish it in a relaxed coordination so as not to become too conservative, you can feel like it is now!

Sogo Yokohama store Takeo Kikuchi
(182 cm)

The 182cm 60kg Mizuno jacket has a loose waistline and can be worn easily like a cardigan.Anyway, this jacket is sure to be light and easy to move with elastic material this spring

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Takeo Kikuchi

I usually wear a shirt M size Pants M size A band collar shirt with a trendy and loose oversized silhouette. It is soft to the touch and has a moderate elasticity. It is an item that firmly insists even one shirt!

Shibuya Meiji-dori Main Store Takeo Kikuchi
(176 cm)
Basic size L 63kg (B88 W78 H84) The double-breasted setup takes advantage of the relaxed material and combines it with a smooth shirt to create a classic taste.